***Please note these prices go into effect on January 27, 2019, at the time of the postage increase.***

We realize for many of you the bottom line is, “So what is this going to cost me?”

You'll find the most commonly used options in the first set of accordion tabs below. Or if you like to have all the details, we’ve got those too. You'll find those details in the second set of accordion tabs.

Most Common Options

  • 8 1/2" x 11" Letter +

    The cost for an 8 1/2 x 11 letter printed on Opaque paper, mailed in a white envelope, with first class postage:

    Color Printer $1.04/letter $1.17/letter
    Black & White Printer $.95/letter $.99/letter
  • 11" x 17" Letter +

    The cost for an 11 x 17 letter (booklet) on white, cream or ivory paper, in a white envelope, with first class postage:

    Color printer $1.49/letter
    Black & white printer $1.13/letter
  • Postcard +

    The average cost for a postcard with a photo on one side and text on the other, printed on white cardstock, including hand stamping and two cuts (4 per sheet):

    Both sides in color $.75/postcard
    One side in color, the text in B&W $.73/postcard
    Both sides in B&W $.71/postcard
  • Color, Two-sided Brochure +

    The cost for a color, two-sided brochure, folded:

    Glossy paper $.46/brochure
    Non-glossy paper $.44/brochure
  • One-sided, Mail-merged Letter +

    The average cost for a one-sided, mail-merged letter printed on Opaque paper, mailed in a matching envelope with first class postage, including a response envelope and response slip:

    Color printer $1.35/letter
    Black & white printer $1.23/letter
  • Christmas/Holiday Card +

    The cost for Holiday cards; including addressing the envelopes, printing a signature and first class postage:

    Greeting cards From $.95/card
    Photo cards From $.87/card
  • Thank You Cards +

    The cost for color printed Thank You cards, folded and inserted, with first class postage:

    Larger Thank You card From $1.13/card
    Smaller Thank You card From $1.04/card
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If you're interested in all of the details, these are the figures we use when calculating the total cost for mailing your newsletter each month.

We begin with the standard charge for each letter. We add the upgrade costs to the basic charge and then multiply the total by the number of letters you send each month.

The basic charge includes a letter printed on any of the Opaque colors of paper; a standard white mailing envelope; folding and inserting; sealing the envelope and affixing the postage with a 1st class stamp. All additional charges are listed below.

The Details

  • Paper +

    Opaque none
    Cougar White none
    Astrobright $.01/letter
    Royal Fiber $.01/letter
    Astroparche $.01/letter
    Classic Linen $.03/letter
    Glossy white $.02/letter
    Opaque cardstock $.04/letter
    Astrobright cardstock $.07/letter
    Glossy white cardstock $.08/letter
    Legal (8 1/2 x 14) $.02/letter
    Booklet (11 x 17) $.03/booklet
  • Envelopes +

    Standard White none
    Opaque $.02/letter
    Astrobright $.04/letter
    Royal Fiber  $.05/letter
    Astroparche  $.04/letter
    Classic Linen  $.08/letter
    6 x 9.5  $.05/letter
    Invitation or 5 x 7 Envelopes $.07/letter
  • Inserts +

    Response slip 3-per page color $.09/letter
    Response slip 3-per page b & w $.06/letter
    Response slip 4-per page color $.08/letter
    Response slip 4-per page b & w $.06/letter
    White #9 response or Cru giving envelopes $.07/letter
    Folding inserts $.01/letter
    Stuffing machineable inserts $.01/letter
    Stuffing non-machineable inserts $.03/letter
  • Additional Printing +

    Color printing, per side $.13/letter
    Black & white printing, per side $.04/letter
  • Postage +

    All foreign letters (includes hand
    stamping + "Air Mail" stamp cost)
    $.68/letter to equal $1.15
    Hand stamping (Christmas,etc.) $.02/letter
  • Additional Labor +

    Actual labor-cutting, formatting, etc.
    (10 min. minimum)
    $2.00/10 minutes
  • Processing +


    We charge you a $2 processing fee for each order submitted. This is not multiplied by the number on your database, but a flat fee per order. This covers printing a copy of your letter and order form, proofreading your letter, making any necessary database corrections and setting up the files to print your letters and envelopes.

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