The Prayer Letter Service has over 25 years of experience helping missionaries communicate with their support teams through monthly newsletters. Begun to serve the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, the Prayer Letter Service now serves missionaries with many different organizations.

We consider it our ministry to help you in your ministry by efficiently and effectively allowing you to reach your ministry partners each month. We love getting to know you through your newsletters and consider it a privilege to partner with you.

Our Team

  • Janine Gillette

    Janine Gillette

    Janine is your main contact. Janine spends most of her day receiving your letters, answering your questions and getting everything in order to process your letter. When she's not at work, Janine is probably at a hockey game!
  • Sara Parrish

    Sara Parrish

    Sara spends her workday printing letters and processing your orders. When she's not working, Sara enjoys music and time with her friends.
  • Amy Scholz

    Amy Scholz

    Amy spends her workday maintaining your mailing lists and getting the files ready to print your envelopes. She also helps with invoicing. After work, Amy enjoys walking her Golden retrievers.
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